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Incontinent After Giving Birth? Thermiva Can Help

Pregnancy and giving birth is a beautiful process that millions of women experience every year. However, many of these women also experience incontinence afterward. This is a common problem that can be fixed with a treatment known as thermiva. Here's what women who are suffering from this problem need to know about how thermiva can help.

Incontinence After Giving Birth Is Common

After women give birth, the muscles of the vagina will spread and often stretch. As a result, incontinence is a common occurrence with many. It is more of a problem for women who are pregnant, due to the pressure of the baby on their bladder. However, after birth, it can still occur for several months.

Unfortunately, this problem can be hard to manage without medical help. This is particularly true of women who have given birth to multiple children or larger children. Births assisted by the use of forceps and other tools are also likely to cause strained and stretched vaginal muscles.

How Thermiva Can Help

Thermiva is a heat-based treatment that is used to decrease stretched vaginal muscles after pregnancy or due to aging. It is typically an elective surgery that helps to restore the appearance of the vagina. However, it can also be used medically to treat certain problems, particularly incontinence.

Getting treated with thermiva for incontinence requires identifying the stretched muscles and applying the device to the affected area. The heat from the thermiva device will repair damaged muscles, contract the stretched areas, and restore it to its natural shape and size.

Preparing For Treatment

Before getting thermiva treatment to manage incontinence, the doctors will inspect the area to ensure that stretched muscles are what is causing the problem. There are many other causes of female urinary incontinence, including heart pressure problems and more. Once it has been confirmed that post-pregnancy stretching is the problem, a few preparation procedures are necessary.

Preparing for thermiva is relatively simple. It does require shaving the general area to make it easier for the doctors to work. It also requires taking a variety of pictures and getting a smooth gel applied to the area. This gel makes it easier for the device to stick to the body. Once applied, the thermiva device will heat up to eliminate vaginal stretching and manage incontinence.

So any woman who is suffering from incontinence after giving birth really needs to talk to her doctor about how thermiva can help. Its other benefits may also help decrease other birth-related problems. For more information, talk to a professional like Caring For Women.