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Ready To Conceive? Follow These Tips To Naturally Boost Male Fertility

If you and your partner have decided to try to conceive a child, she is probably beginning to focus more on her own health in order to boost her fertility and ensure a healthy baby. But fertility is not a one-sided issue. Male fertility is also important, so begin taking a few steps to boost your sperm count and improve the health of the sperm you do produce. Here are five natural ways to go about improving your own fertility and therefore your partner's chances of a healthy conception. 

Keep it cool.

The male testes are located outside of the body for a reason. The lower temperature in this area is more ideal for sperm production. If your testes grow too warm, your sperm production may suffer. Wearing tight underwear, spending a lot of time sitting on hot chairs, and working hard in the heat can all lead to overly warm testes and a lower sperm count.

To improve your fertility, stick to loose underwear. Make sure you take plenty of breaks when working in the heat, and if you must sit on a hot chair or car seat, put down a towel or pad first.

Reduce your exposure to pesticides and other toxins.

A number of pesticides have been shown to reduce male fertility. Other chemical toxins, such as those found in harsh cleaning solutions, may also reduce your fertility. By avoiding as many of these toxins as possible, you can improve your fertility over the coming weeks and months.

To avoid pesticides, stick to organic produce, and make sure you wash it thoroughly before eating. Only use natural bug repellents, like those that use citronella as an active ingredient. Instead of harsh cleaners, start using gentle, natural cleaners like vinegar and baking soda around the home.

Lose weight.

If you are overweight, losing weight may boost your sperm production. If you are at a healthy weight, maintaining that weight is important. Make sure you approach your weight loss or weight maintenance in a healthy manner, using a balanced diet and exercise as your key habits. Eat more fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains, and stay away from processed foods, sugar, and fatty meats. You may wish to reach out to a nutritionist for more dietary guidance or a personal trainer to get you started on a personalized fitness routine. 

Eat more zinc.

Zinc plays an important role in male fertility, and many men do not get enough of this mineral in their diet. Consuming more zinc may help improve your fertility by guarding sperm against harmful bacteria and cell damage. For optimal health, you should aim to consume 11 mg of zinc per day. Foods that are rich in zinc include pumpkin seeds, garlic, wheat germ, squash, and chickpeas. You can also take zinc supplements or a multivitamin that contains zinc in order to reach the recommended intake amount.

Take ginseng supplements.

Ginseng has long been used in Chinese medicine to boost sperm count. Recently, studies have verified its effectiveness. You can find ginseng supplements in most health food stores. Taking one according to the instructions on the package may help boost your fertility. If you prefer, you can also purchase some ginseng tea and get into the habit of brewing yourself a cup every morning or night. As an added bonus, ginseng is also said to boost the immune system and improve mental health, so you may find yourself feeling a lot better overall when you start consuming it.

If you struggle to conceive even after following these tips, reach out to a fertility doctor, such as those found at Delaware Valley Institute of Fertility, for more advice or information.