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Top 4 Activities That Will Keep You Occupied During Chemo Infusion

Chemotherapy is used as a treatment for cancer. Although some patients may be able to take chemo pills, most will undergo chemo infusion. This is when an IV is inserted into a central line or a vein so that the medication can be delivered right into the blood stream. This can take several hours each time, which means you'll need something to do to keep yourself occupied. Below is a list of four activities that will help you pass the time. 


There are several different types of puzzles you can complete that are not only fun, but excellent for keeping your mind sharp. Crossword puzzle books will test your knowledge on a variety of topics, while jigsaw puzzles are great for memory, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. There are also word search puzzles, Rubik's cubes, and mathematical puzzles like Sudoku.


One way to escape is to take an adventure through a book. You can keep things interesting by planning a book from a different genre to read at each chemo delivery session. Try a mystery novel the first day followed by a romantic story at session two. You'll find humorous short stories are great, as well as biographies with inspirational take-aways. Don't want to read a book? Why not write your own by making it a goal to complete one chapter at each chemo session. 

Online Activities

Bring a tablet or netbook with you to your appointment so you can keep yourself busy with online activities. The possibilities are endless. You can check your emails, update your blog, or watch funny cat videos on YouTube. Perhaps you'd like to download an app that can assist you with weekly meal plans or sign up for a subscription to a website like, where you can work on your genealogy. Of course, you can also play digital games, such as Majong, solitaire, or hearts. 


A journal is an excellent tool for passing time when receiving chemo infusion treatments. There are a lot of things you can use a journal for. You can chronicle your fight against cancer, make plans for the future, including a list of vacations you'd like to take, and even practice your artistic creativity by coloring the pages with pictures using a set of gel pens. You can purchase a blank journal, one with images, or one with writing prompts that will help you get started.