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2 Questions You Might Have About Physical Therapy

There are many reasons that someone would need physical therapy. Many people don't get the treatment that they need, simply because they don't know why therapy is so important or under what circumstances they should get it. Here are some things that you should know about getting physical therapy.

Who Needs Physical Therapy?

There are a couple different situations where you would need physical therapy. First, people generally need physical therapy after the lack of use of a body part. For example, if you had surgery on your knee and couldn't use it for a couple weeks, you will need physical therapy to get back into using it. This is because the muscles lose some of their mobility when they sit for so long, and you can re-injure yourself if you don't ease into it. Physical therapy can help you to safely use the injured area again. You also may need physical therapy if you want to avoid surgery. For example, you can heal your body through therapy in many cases rather than have to go under the knife.

Lastly, some athletes go to physical therapy to prevent injury. They treat it as part of their exercise regimen. This is why so many sports teams have a physical therapist designated to them.

What Do You Do In Physical Therapy?

Another question you might be asking is what you do at physical therapy. First of all, the therapist will do an assessment of where you are at. They will see how much mobility you have in your body, how long it was since your accident, injury, or surgery if applicable. And they will see if you have any conditions that might inhibit your healing. Then they will make a plan to help your body heal. They will let you know how often you should be doing therapy and exactly what exercises you should be doing.

These exercises shouldn't hurt, they are exercises that help to strengthen. If you are feeling pain, you should talk to the therapist. This is not like an intense exercise as much as slow controlled movements that help to strengthen the body. You may do some walking or even run on a treadmill, but it will all be limited to the amount that you need to heal. This is why you should wear loose-fitting clothing good for exercise to all your sessions.

These are just some things you should know about orthopedic physical therapy.