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In-Home Care: Does Your Parent Need It If You're Caring For Them?

As an adult, watching your parents age is not always easy. You may have started to act as a caretaker for them, handling small tasks and assisting them with baths and other activities. You might start wondering whether it would be good for a nurse or an aide to drop by for in-home care, but be unsure whether it's appropriate. If you're starting to see or experience the situations below, it's probably time to speak with care professionals.

Their Condition is Changing

You might be proud of how much you've learned about your parent's health and any ongoing diseases. However, if you feel that you're starting to lose your ability to handle things because changes are happening, professional in-home care could be vital. For example, if your parent's weight has gotten to the point that it's no longer safe for you to attempt to assist them with bathing, that is likely a signal that an aide or nurse is needed. Of course, if they're starting to visit doctors and hospitals more often, they may need more professional care regularly as time moves forward.

Your parent may especially need care when they're showing signs of dementia or Alzheimer's disease. They can become more forgetful and leave the stove on without paying attention, for instance. They could start opening doors and leaving the home without notifying you and end up streets away. If you're already aware that your parent could be affected by things like this, arranging home care is wise.

You Aren't Doing Well

You might not be able to admit to yourself how tired and strained you feel in your current role. Caring for anyone can cause stress in your life, and when you're doing it for your parent in addition to your children and spouse, it can be even more exhausting. If you dread days spent with your parent, it's okay to seek help.

In-home professionals can easily step in every now and then. If you want to get away with your spouse for a date or just need to have a break, you won't have to feel like you're hurting your parent or worry that they'll be without care.

When you realize that in-home care could both improve your parent's life and relieve you of stress, you can begin thinking of ways for that to happen. In-home care agencies and professionals can discuss the right level of involvement to make everyone in your family comfortable.