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How To Get Comfortable During An Infusion Therapy Treatment

When you have become ill, you might find that you cannot eat and cannot take medications orally. When this happens, you may need to have your medications introduced through a different method than taking your medications orally: infusion therapy.

Receive Infusion Therapy Outside of a Hospital

Traditionally, infusion therapy was provided in an inpatient setting. However, you may have your infusion therapy provided to you in an outpatient infusion therapy center.

Be Hydrated

If you will be receiving infusion therapy, you will want to prepare yourself for the procedure. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids to hydrate yourself before the procedure. Make sure to talk to your healthcare provider about what fluids you should be drinking.

Wear Comfortable Clothing With Multiple Layers

Wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothes before the procedure. When your clothes are loose-fitting, technicians will be better able to monitor your vital signs. You should also wear more than one layer of clothing so you can remove a layer or add a layer when you feel hot or cold.

Bring Medications

Bring a list of any medications you are on, including medications you might have received from an infusion center. The medications that will be injected into you can interact with other medications.

Speak Up If You Feel Uncomfortable

If you feel uncomfortable, ask the infusion center if there is anything that they can do to make you feel more comfortable. Most infusion centers will provide a blanket and pillow to help you feel comfortable.

Find Ways to Keep Occupied

Infusion therapy can take a long time, but there are many things you can do while you're waiting. You can catch up on work. If you're a student, now's a time to study for an upcoming test or catch up on homework. You can engage in fun activities such as drawing, knitting or playing handheld games. You can read a magazine, book or newspaper.

Visit Multiple Infusion Centers

Make sure to visit more than one infusion center until you find one that you enjoy and feel comfortable at. Some infusion centers are more accomodating than others. When you find one that makes you comfortable and where you make great friends, that's where you should stay.

Receive Infusion Therapy at Home

In addition to receiving infusion therapy at a center, you may choose home infusion therapy. There are ambulatory suites that will deliver the equipment necessary for an infusion therapy and treat you.

If you have more questions, reach out to businesses like the Idaho Arthritis Center.