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This Is Why You Should Take An Ambulance To The Hospital Even If It's Nearby

When you have a medical emergency, you have a choice to make. Do you hop in a car and drive to the hospital (or drive the person who has the health problem to the hospital) or call an ambulance? If you're tempted to just make the drive yourself, here are three good reasons why you should strongly consider choosing an ambulance instead.

Constant Monitoring

Whether you're the sick person and driving yourself or being driven by someone else, there won't be anybody available to keep an eye on the sick person while they're being driven. With an ambulance, however, the health of the individual will be constantly monitored. If anything happens like oxygen saturation dips or their heart stops, they'll be there to immediately begin life-saving procedures. This could make all the difference in whether someone lives or dies.

Early Evaluation

When you call an ambulance, you're not just calling a wagon to come to pick up a sick person and to take them to the hospital. They also act as an early method of taking intake information. This way the hospital doesn't have to do as much before the sick person actually gets treated. They'll already know what their heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation levels, and mental state are like, which will speed up the process of them finding a cause to the problem and getting it solved.

Quicker Transport

Let's face it: you can drive like a bat out of hell and still end up stuck behind traffic, traffic lights, and other problems on the road. But nothing can get there quite like an ambulance. Ambulances not only have sirens to make people on the road move out of their way but they're also equipped with technology that lets them change the traffic lights that are coming up. This way whoever is sick will get to the hospital as soon as possible without potentially getting into a car accident or getting a serious ticket for speeding or skipping traffic lights. You don't need more trouble and headaches than you already have right now, so why not call an ambulance?

Ambulances are the best way for anyone to get to the hospital, hands down. So if you or another person ever need medical assistance immediately, make the call to get an ambulance sent to your residence or place of business. It honestly could mean the difference between life or death.