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Useful Occupational Health Screening Services Companies Have Access To Today

If you're looking to employ individuals who need to have certain physical abilities, then occupational health screening services might be relevant. Here are just some of the things you can screen employees for when using these professional screening services. 

Grip Strength Testing

If you're looking to hire for a position that involves a lot of physical lifting, then grip strength is something to focus on. You need employees who can maintain their grip on whatever items you need to be moved around, whether it's mattresses or furniture being loaded up onto trucks for customers.

You can use occupational health screening services to test each candidate's grip strength, so that you can gain measurable results and then have better insights on who to hire for these more physically demanding positions. Qualified occupational health screeners will set these tests up right and break down their results so that you know exactly what each candidate's grip strength is. 

Pulmonary Function Testing

Another aspect you'll want to test if you have a position that involves a lot of physical work is pulmonary functioning. This is basically how the lungs work. You may have a job that requires a lot of lifting and standing, so you want to make sure candidates have good lung health to complete these tasks without getting tired or being at risk.

You can hire an occupational health screening company to test this aspect of candidates who you're thinking about interviewing. They'll get each candidate's informed consent to share results from these medical tests too so that you don't have to worry about violating any sort of health privacy law. 

Vaccination Testing

Some work environments require all of their employees to be updated on their vaccinations. This way, they don't get exposed to a harmful virus that causes issues from a liability standpoint. You can use occupational health screening services to see if candidates have been properly vaccinated.

The results will be objective and they'll be shared in an ethical manner. Then you'll know which candidates in the hiring pool to put more attention to because they won't be at risk of getting severely sick in their work environment. 

Whenever you hire for special positions, you need to assess the health of candidates that apply. You can do this in an objective, convenient manner by working with a company that's regularly involved in occupational health screening. They have a variety of screening services your company can utilize at any time when hiring new employees. 

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