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What Is An Annual Well Check?

Many doctors recommend visiting annually for wellness checks, but have you wondered what this means? You might also wonder why you need them. You can understand these things by learning more about the purposes of annual wellness checks and the steps doctors take during them. Keep reading this guide to learn these things and other vital facts about annual wellness checks.

It is a routine physical

The main thing to understand about annual wellness checks is they are routine physicals. They serve several vital purposes, and they might take around 30 minutes. You might need to get physicals for your job or hobbies. But you should also consider getting them for your health. When you visit a doctor yearly for a checkup, you can learn about your health risks and get the medical advice and help you need.

It serves several purposes

An annual check-up serves several key purposes. First, these visits help you address any existing health conditions you have. For example, do you have high blood pressure? If so, you must visit your doctor to get more medication for this health problem and discuss your concerns. The doctor needs to monitor any existing health conditions.

Secondly, you can learn about health problems through a checkup. For example, your doctor might order bloodwork. From this test, you might learn you have a medical condition that requires medication, such as high cholesterol.

Finally, you can use this visit to discuss medical questions. You might not have medical emergencies, but you might have some things that worry you. This is the perfect opportunity to discuss these things.

What you can expect during it

During a routine check-up, you can expect the doctor to check your vital signs, including your weight and blood pressure. Next, the doctor reviews your medical history and asks about changes. Then, the doctor examines you. Your doctor might not find any issues or risks, but they'll tell you if they do. Your doctor might also order tests if you're due for any routine medical tests.

Schedule a routine well check at a health care center

Have you visited a doctor recently? If you have not visited one in over a year, you should schedule an annual physical. Getting routine physicals is a great way to stay on top of your health and health risks, so contact a local clinic today to schedule your appointment.

For more information, contact a local health care center, like People's Community Clinic of Newberg.