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No More Stigma: Debunking Common Misconceptions About Counseling

While many people benefit from counseling, there are all too many people who don't think that counseling would be helpful for them. This is often because they've heard myths about mental health treatment, including counseling.

Are some of those misconceptions keeping you away from mental health counseling? Here are a few of the most common misconceptions people experience.

Counseling Is Only For People With Severe Mental Health Issues 

This couldn't be further from the truth. While counseling can be incredibly beneficial for people with severe mental health issues, it is also incredibly helpful for those who just need an external source of support.

For example, some people consider counseling for mild anxiety. Some attend just a few sessions when they need to work out a relationship problem.

Counseling Is Expensive

The cost of counseling does vary depending on a variety of factors, including your insurance coverage and where you live. However, there are programs that make counseling accessible and affordable for those who need it the most.

For example, many mental health professionals offer sliding-scale pricing or discounts for people who are unable to pay the full price.

Seeking Counseling Is a Sign of Weakness

This is a dangerous misconception and one that keeps many people from seeking the help they need. Seeking counseling is not a sign of weakness; it's actually an indication of strength.

You Have To Talk About Your Childhood

While your childhood can certainly play a role in why you may be seeking counseling, it is not always necessary to talk about your childhood. Some people find that talking about their current life and the challenges they are facing is more helpful than focusing on past events.

Your Counselor Will Judge You

Your counselor is there to provide a safe and non-judgmental space to talk about your issues. Your counselor is not there to judge you or make decisions for you. They are there to guide and support you on your journey to healing.

Counseling Doesn't Work For Children

This is another myth that can keep people from getting the help they need. Counseling can be incredibly helpful for children of all ages and can provide a safe space for them to talk about their feelings and work through any issues they may be facing.

Contact a Counselor to Learn More

If you still have questions or concerns about counseling, your best option is to contact a counselor. They can provide more detailed information and help you determine if counseling is the right choice for you.

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